• Codebreaking Games Delivered to Your Mailbox

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All four games, delivered all summer long, for just $80 + FREE shipping. Only available to residents of Canada.

Are You Ready for a Mission?

Mailbox Missions are escape room-style codebreaking puzzles you can solve as a single household or remotely with family and friends.

The story of your mission and a pack of varied and vibrant materials is delivered straight to your mailbox. Your team must study these, detect patterns and crack codes, which you enter into an online platform to decipher the mystery and solve the puzzle.

Play any time, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

Puzzle Your Way to the Solution

Play With Family and Friends, Near and Far.

A Powerful Rush of Pride

That's what you feel when you successfully complete a Mailbox Mission. Delight in the bursts of insight that codebreaking brings and relish the satisfaction of getting to the final solution.

Corporate Team-Building

Build team cohesion and treat your staff to some fun with a Mailbox Mission activity. Your team will delight in the rush of pride that comes from cracking a code together. 

Whether everyone is in the room together, or whether you're connecting through video chat, Mailbox Missions work perfectly.

Contact us directly for corporate team-building options.

The Case of the Art Gallery Arsonist

The Case of the Holiday Party Hacker

The Case of the Mystery Inheritance

The Case of the Concert Crasher

"Amazing. We played with my parents and it was a blast. We love your work!"

"It was fun, challenging but not frustrating, and we had lots of laughs along the way. A great teambuilding exercise in these socially distant times."

"Recommend 200%. This was sooo much fun."

"I'm looking forward to more games like this!"

"Nice to have some mental challenges after too much Netflix!"

Brought To You by a Passionate Storyteller and Puzzle Maker

I'm a Montreal-based writer who is passionate about storytelling and puzzles. I created Mailbox Missions during the pandemic as a way to help players find fun and regain some delightful moments of surprise and insight.

I absolutely love creating Mailbox Missions. I hope you have as much fun solving them as I have making them.

Printed Locally, Sent Globally

Especially during the pandemic, we are grateful for our local businesses and keen to support them. All Mailbox Missions printing is done locally, at the family-run neighbourhood institution Papeterie Harvard.

We prioritize post-consumer paper and we minimize wasteful packaging. All our materials are 100% recyclable.